Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Many of us through out life look around for opportunities for greatness.
In order to fulfill our ambitions, we try to seek the best possible means to
success but most at times to no avail.I think for some people I know the reason for which they never get the opportunity to excel.

Instead of people discovering opportunities, they discover problems instead and their inability to accomplish something. Most of the things that we consider as problems and are not worth our attention most at times are the keys to our success. Fear inhibits us to much extent that we fail to look at the brighter side. We tend not to like unconventional means to greatness because we all want to play it safe.

Let get out of our comfort zones and become the best people we want to be. Fear not!
as you go after that thing that your mind is saying you will fail at. It is a great opportunity provided it will not be injurious to your very being. Check and learn form all the great people of old, they did not settle for the status quo. They recognized the opportunities in the problems they encountered and they made the best out of it.

Move away from your comfort zone because there is a haven waiting for you out there. DO NOT BE AFRAID. ENJOY.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Indeed we are there. So what is next?
We set objectives and goals for ourselves and others
and on our way to the top, we make sacrifices and commitments
of all sorts and gravity. Some we lose, others we gain.

How do we get our lives back when we reach the top? Do I have the
answer to that? Please I don't. But this I believe strongly:
Getting your life back depends on your means to the top.

How many people did you help on your way to the top?
How many did you hurt on your way?
How many helped you?
Did you stay true to yourself?
What were your intentions on your way to the top?

These are but a few to some of the pertinent questions you need
to ask yourself on your way to the pinnacle you have set for yourself.
You got to be ambitious my dear. The sun is got to be your limit and don't
flinch when you are trying to reach it.

My simple advice is do not loose your very self when you going for the ultimate.
Losing yourself invariably means the ultimate is not worth it.
You may lose some part of your self depending on the nature of the goal
but do not lose your very self.

I got to go before I lose myself in my work. Enjoy your life and live your Life