Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Contemplating on blogging, it just dawn on me: who am I
I will not pretend to be a master when it comes to knowledge of
myself. Don't be surprise because I am still discovering a
lot about myself but for the following I know:

Sometimes I don't really know what I want in this world but
hey I am human and sometimes do get confuse.

I really like and love women but please don't judge me without knowing exactly what
I mean by that

I judge people a lot but hey I come from a particular culture
and environment whether you like it or not I can only compare with
what I know to be right or wrong.

I am a christian not so much because I was born to be one. I grew up in that environment and over the year my background has influenced be to be blind to others to some extent whether i like it or not.

Talking is a hobby but when someone talks too much, it annoys me a lot. if what you are talking about is objective and interesting, I love it.

I hate it if you don't have the guts to approach me but talk behind my back. Hey I am not a tiger or masquerade so why do that.

I love people who appreciate me for who I am with all my negatives.

I fail to understand some people sometimes but hey try as much as possible to understand me.But if I am not appreciating it don't be worried because sometimes I am very difficulty and not easy to please.

Don't judge me because I am me and You are You. But You never know if you give me the chance in this journey called life, I will admonish and judge you. That is on the flip side.

I will continue this piece but please don't pretend to know yourself because we are all like icebergs and volcanoes. Man know thyself because it is a basic secret to a dream accomplishing life.

To be Continued.....

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When Innocence Meets Stupidity

It is a common practice to be in a relationship where one is very innocent whiles the other is just stupid. With innocence I mean someone without much experience in a field or experience he/she is in currently. With stupidity I am talking about people who are suppose to have a level of experience and intelligence which unfortunately they lack.

In such a relationship, the expectation is that the one with much experience will guide and assist the innocent one in decision making and choices. But it is rather painful and unfortunate and Oh! My God! disheartening if the experienced one is stupid. What happens is that normally the innocent puts much trust in the other thinking that because the other has traveled the road before he/she will know the twist and turns and would surely know what to do in order to arrive at the destination.

If the person is intelligent and experienced, the relationship can be very enlightening and refreshing but if unfortunately he is stupid, man! it is a mess. Many hearts have been broken and many dreams have been squashed. Why? because people who where suppose to take advantage of experience so that it becomes the best teacher did not. Rather, experience took advantage of them and made them just stupid.

To all my folks going through all manner of experiences, take advantage of them and make meaning out of them which will guide you in the future especially if you encounter someone who trusts you because of your experience. To all who have put their trust with people with experience but was in vain, do not loose trust cos no matter what, experience is the best teacher. Learn from your own experience and use it in the future.

In this journey called life, you might not win all the fight and surely you can at anytime be part of those who will be fooled but all are experiences that are worth the experience. If you think you are experienced but stupid, please don't play with innocent heart because they might just not be ready for your stupidity.

Enjoy your experiences no matter what but make sure you become an experienced intelligent person. Hah! this journey called Life.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

When Determination is just not enough

With determination one can strive to achieve his/her dreams. I do believe this statement to a very great extent but not in its totality. Many people may disagree with me but the reality of life shows that having all the determination in the world sometimes is just not enough to achieve your goals and aspirations.

People all over the world have skills and abilities. Skills are normally the acquired qualities that makes one very competent in his/her field. Skills are normally gained and perfected with time and consistent practice. To be skillful at what one does demands time and practice. Abilities on the other hand are the qualities that one possesses as a person that aids him/her in his area of work.

When skills and abilities are achievable, determination is a virtue one cannot ignore. When one has the all the determination in the world but the skills and abilities to match it, realization of dreams becomes an illusion;sometimes,the only way to make it is by a miracle, not mere determination.

My advice is before you embark on a search for a dream, first of all reflect on your person, to see if you have the ability to achieve it. You can acquire the skills on the way but not the ability unless through genetic ramifications for instance.

You should not get me wrong with this. I am not saying that skills and abilities are enough to achieve dreams. In realizing dreams you cannot take determination out of it because one can have all it takes in this world to achieve a dream but without determination the dream might always be a horizon or a mirage.

Know what you can do and with determination, strive for it, but, please keep it in mind that at a point in time in our journey called life, determination sometimes is just not enough to achieve a dream.

Be determined but most importantly know yourself and what you can achieve without also thinking that you are too small to achieve your dreams.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Law of Attraction At Work

The great story of the secret says men live by the law of attraction. What occupies your mind most at times finds its expression in real life. Those who often think of illness often become ill. Does who think of riches are prone to become rich whiles those who busy themselves with poverty are mostly poor.

I have come to realize that some aspect of the secret is true and very practical. Positive thinking and outlook of life brings positive effects. The many times I fear something negative happening in my life, it does in one way or the other finds its way into my existence. The more positive oriented I become, the more positive the things that come my way. My experience might be different but my encounter with friends and others buttresses the point that positive thinking has a lot of positive effect more than negative thought.

I believe what science says in relation to the Brain regulating most of our existence. The power it possess can work to our advantage if we utilize it for positive reflection of the positive things that matters most in life. Our mind can take us to wherever we want to be but please allow your heart a place in this activity. This will give it the balance it needs.

Think positive of yourself and others and attract good stuffs into your life. Being wealth, health, fame, etc. the power is within you and it is using your brain to think and acting according to the positive thoughts that you will attract positive effects.

Enjoy the journey called life with positive thinking because the law of attraction is at work

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Arise And Fall

Like the famous Transformers, we rise and fall but with perseverance and determination we always become victorious. I had a bitter experience of a robbery just this last weekend and it was not a sweet experience at all. It got me thinking but after reflecting on it for the past three days, I have come to the realization that life sometimes is like that.

I have an understanding now of why people who have been robbed before have that hatred for armed robbers. It is not an experience one would love to encounter again. My heart do go out to all those who have gone through such bitter experiences but my conclusion is Life must still go on.

The trauma alone is not an easy thing to overcome but the ability to overcome it is a great rise after such a heavy fall. One cannot just forget about such unfortunate experiences but it should not be a reason not to be good or it should not be something that is going to refrain you from being the proactive individual you are. Let it rather influence you to know how best you can achieve the great things in this journey called life with all these obstacles.

Don't let the past hunt you but count on it to grow in the direction your heart desires. You will fall but hey! you shall surely arise. The Akans will say falling and rising for a child will make him/her walk.

Fall but don't remain in your disappointment and Unhappiness. Arise and Fall but make sure you are the last man standing in this journey called life in whatever you desire to do despite the shortfalls.

Enjoy the Rising and Falling in the Journey Called Life. I am hoping to hear your comments any time you visit the blog. I would love to hear from you my dear reader.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


We go through life and whether it is by design or mere coincidence, we get a helping hand along the journey called life. It has become so usual that people consider it as a usual phenomenon of life.

Getting a helping hand isn't that usual because there are countless number of persons who were or are in need of such a hand but never had it or are not getting it. Whatever the helping hand that may come your way, let just say Thank You, Merci, Gratia, etc. to whoever offered it.

Lets just recount usual experiences in life like waking up in the morning, the ability to get something to eat or drink, being able to read this on the net, enjoying that royal treat in the hotel or restaurant, the education height you reached etc. We can go on and on and on.

A common thank you to whoever gave you that experience that you think you couldn't have had on your own if not because of a helping hand will not spoil anything. It will rather open avenues of greater experiences that you never dreamed of.

Enjoy all that this beautiful journey called life brings you by appreciating, especially little, the helping hands that life brings and you will see a difference in your life in this wonderful journey.

The Journey is called Life and it is good and wonderful if you appreciate what you have because you are what you are because of a lot of people. What you are is not bad because others consider you so. Think of yourself as an individual with great potentials and capitalize on what others give and upgrade yourself to that individual you would love to be. But appreciate and recognize the assistance you have received over the years.

Try this and see the difference in your life. You will live your life in the fast lane with joy and happiness.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Being Confused

it is one of those stuffs in life to get confused
this might happened as a result of many factors
or situations. Most important steps in life demands
some level of confusion before its advent.
Much of it might come from whether we're taking the
right step or not. We are sometimes confused between
alternatives that we consider in themselves to be

The maximization of value is what brings about all
the confusion but in all trust the I in You.
It will help you choose the one step that will make you whole
in the confusion you might be in

Enjoy the state of confusion trusting the inner you for
direction and don't allow it to stress you out because
that is the last thing you need.

Enjoy in your state of confusion dear in this Journey called 'Life'

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A New Day! A New Gift

Every new day is like a new gift that a friend gives us.
Our approach to gifts differ from person to person even if its the same stuff
So is our approach to life very different
Some are very grateful for their gifts considering it as an opportunity in a life time
For some it is the best thing that ever happened to them for which they cannot just let go without making something meaningful out of.
For some it makes no difference since they have been receiving the same type of gift for a long time.
It is one of those usual gift to many which does not demand any special attention

Our attitude towards our gifts depends on how much we need it or how much it means to us

For me each day is a special gift the kind I always yearn for.
Each day is the gift I need so much that I appreciate the fact that i have it with each second of my life
The Journey Called 'Life' just need this gift to move on
One step at a time with just a day at a time makes it worthwhile
Imagine people living for today with all they believe in at stake
The world will be a good, better or the best place to live dependent on your state

Enjoy each day as a special gift that a wonderful friend has given you
Use it to the best of your ability as much as possible
Let it give you all the joy you wish for in life
Give thanks to the one you think has given you this gift and
Let others benefit from this wonderful gift you have received

Enjoy your New Gift in this Journey Called 'Life'

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Many people throughout the ages have tried to discover some of the secrets of living a happy life without much regrets. Upon careful investigations on my own, I have come to realize that these three statements are like oil in our engine of life. 'I am Sorry', 'I love You', and 'I need your help'

Saying 'I am sorry' in a given situation is not as easy as it seems. To recognize our faults and acknowledge them is always something that requires guts. It is not so much as in people not knowing they are wrong, but the ability to let others know that they are wrong is always a burden not easy for many to carry.

Many people have fallen victim to the 'I Love U' phobia. There are great instances where people really love something or someone but circumstances just can't just allow them to express their love. Many too just abuse it not really knowing what they are saying. 'i love u' is one of the greatest commitment one can make in life. Because love bears all things and always find a reason to but not to. Loving makes you really happy if it is genuine.

We all need a helping hand in many spheres of life. Our pride normally does not allow us to get the help we need especially when we need them most. Our pride and ego are so important to us that we sometimes loose the very things that will propel us to greatness. Our inability most at times to call for help have seen our greatest opportunities diminish whiles we just look on.

Take advantage of these phrases cos it can be that undying fire or oil that will always propel you to greatness. But always discern to know when to say 'I am sorry' , 'I love you' and 'I need your Help' because it is not anywhere or at anytime that you will be required to say them. say them at the right time and your success in life is assure.

Enjoy this journey Called 'Life"

Monday, June 7, 2010

Thats Just The Way it Is

Life sometimes rushes on you like a Tornado. It is sometimes very difficult to hide from the perils that engulf our lives. As the Journey Called 'Life' assures you, you have the you always as the place of shelter. Enjoy yourself in moment that no body seem to find the rainbow. Smile for roses always need the rain. Enjoy Yourself Dear

Thursday, May 27, 2010

An End ! A New Beginning

life has its own twist and turns. With objectives and goals in mind, we push on to realize them but the realization of the dream is just the beginning of yet another dream.

I am about to finish my first degree in public health but it seems that the dream of completing is just the beginning of another dream.

The question is 'Will We Ever Stop Dreaming'? From my experiences I have come to the realization that man will stop dreaming only when we are in our graves. Even there, there might be another dream worth pursuing.

When man stops to dream, the world makes no meaning to him/her. It is a practice that never ceases and it significance is of immense benefit.

Keep on dreaming man for life is wonderful with that. Make meaning out of every moment of your life with a dream.

Post me with your dream and remember no dream is stupid for it is worth it.