Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Many people throughout the ages have tried to discover some of the secrets of living a happy life without much regrets. Upon careful investigations on my own, I have come to realize that these three statements are like oil in our engine of life. 'I am Sorry', 'I love You', and 'I need your help'

Saying 'I am sorry' in a given situation is not as easy as it seems. To recognize our faults and acknowledge them is always something that requires guts. It is not so much as in people not knowing they are wrong, but the ability to let others know that they are wrong is always a burden not easy for many to carry.

Many people have fallen victim to the 'I Love U' phobia. There are great instances where people really love something or someone but circumstances just can't just allow them to express their love. Many too just abuse it not really knowing what they are saying. 'i love u' is one of the greatest commitment one can make in life. Because love bears all things and always find a reason to but not to. Loving makes you really happy if it is genuine.

We all need a helping hand in many spheres of life. Our pride normally does not allow us to get the help we need especially when we need them most. Our pride and ego are so important to us that we sometimes loose the very things that will propel us to greatness. Our inability most at times to call for help have seen our greatest opportunities diminish whiles we just look on.

Take advantage of these phrases cos it can be that undying fire or oil that will always propel you to greatness. But always discern to know when to say 'I am sorry' , 'I love you' and 'I need your Help' because it is not anywhere or at anytime that you will be required to say them. say them at the right time and your success in life is assure.

Enjoy this journey Called 'Life"

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