Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A New Day! A New Gift

Every new day is like a new gift that a friend gives us.
Our approach to gifts differ from person to person even if its the same stuff
So is our approach to life very different
Some are very grateful for their gifts considering it as an opportunity in a life time
For some it is the best thing that ever happened to them for which they cannot just let go without making something meaningful out of.
For some it makes no difference since they have been receiving the same type of gift for a long time.
It is one of those usual gift to many which does not demand any special attention

Our attitude towards our gifts depends on how much we need it or how much it means to us

For me each day is a special gift the kind I always yearn for.
Each day is the gift I need so much that I appreciate the fact that i have it with each second of my life
The Journey Called 'Life' just need this gift to move on
One step at a time with just a day at a time makes it worthwhile
Imagine people living for today with all they believe in at stake
The world will be a good, better or the best place to live dependent on your state

Enjoy each day as a special gift that a wonderful friend has given you
Use it to the best of your ability as much as possible
Let it give you all the joy you wish for in life
Give thanks to the one you think has given you this gift and
Let others benefit from this wonderful gift you have received

Enjoy your New Gift in this Journey Called 'Life'

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