Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Law of Attraction At Work

The great story of the secret says men live by the law of attraction. What occupies your mind most at times finds its expression in real life. Those who often think of illness often become ill. Does who think of riches are prone to become rich whiles those who busy themselves with poverty are mostly poor.

I have come to realize that some aspect of the secret is true and very practical. Positive thinking and outlook of life brings positive effects. The many times I fear something negative happening in my life, it does in one way or the other finds its way into my existence. The more positive oriented I become, the more positive the things that come my way. My experience might be different but my encounter with friends and others buttresses the point that positive thinking has a lot of positive effect more than negative thought.

I believe what science says in relation to the Brain regulating most of our existence. The power it possess can work to our advantage if we utilize it for positive reflection of the positive things that matters most in life. Our mind can take us to wherever we want to be but please allow your heart a place in this activity. This will give it the balance it needs.

Think positive of yourself and others and attract good stuffs into your life. Being wealth, health, fame, etc. the power is within you and it is using your brain to think and acting according to the positive thoughts that you will attract positive effects.

Enjoy the journey called life with positive thinking because the law of attraction is at work

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