Wednesday, September 22, 2010

When Determination is just not enough

With determination one can strive to achieve his/her dreams. I do believe this statement to a very great extent but not in its totality. Many people may disagree with me but the reality of life shows that having all the determination in the world sometimes is just not enough to achieve your goals and aspirations.

People all over the world have skills and abilities. Skills are normally the acquired qualities that makes one very competent in his/her field. Skills are normally gained and perfected with time and consistent practice. To be skillful at what one does demands time and practice. Abilities on the other hand are the qualities that one possesses as a person that aids him/her in his area of work.

When skills and abilities are achievable, determination is a virtue one cannot ignore. When one has the all the determination in the world but the skills and abilities to match it, realization of dreams becomes an illusion;sometimes,the only way to make it is by a miracle, not mere determination.

My advice is before you embark on a search for a dream, first of all reflect on your person, to see if you have the ability to achieve it. You can acquire the skills on the way but not the ability unless through genetic ramifications for instance.

You should not get me wrong with this. I am not saying that skills and abilities are enough to achieve dreams. In realizing dreams you cannot take determination out of it because one can have all it takes in this world to achieve a dream but without determination the dream might always be a horizon or a mirage.

Know what you can do and with determination, strive for it, but, please keep it in mind that at a point in time in our journey called life, determination sometimes is just not enough to achieve a dream.

Be determined but most importantly know yourself and what you can achieve without also thinking that you are too small to achieve your dreams.

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