Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When Innocence Meets Stupidity

It is a common practice to be in a relationship where one is very innocent whiles the other is just stupid. With innocence I mean someone without much experience in a field or experience he/she is in currently. With stupidity I am talking about people who are suppose to have a level of experience and intelligence which unfortunately they lack.

In such a relationship, the expectation is that the one with much experience will guide and assist the innocent one in decision making and choices. But it is rather painful and unfortunate and Oh! My God! disheartening if the experienced one is stupid. What happens is that normally the innocent puts much trust in the other thinking that because the other has traveled the road before he/she will know the twist and turns and would surely know what to do in order to arrive at the destination.

If the person is intelligent and experienced, the relationship can be very enlightening and refreshing but if unfortunately he is stupid, man! it is a mess. Many hearts have been broken and many dreams have been squashed. Why? because people who where suppose to take advantage of experience so that it becomes the best teacher did not. Rather, experience took advantage of them and made them just stupid.

To all my folks going through all manner of experiences, take advantage of them and make meaning out of them which will guide you in the future especially if you encounter someone who trusts you because of your experience. To all who have put their trust with people with experience but was in vain, do not loose trust cos no matter what, experience is the best teacher. Learn from your own experience and use it in the future.

In this journey called life, you might not win all the fight and surely you can at anytime be part of those who will be fooled but all are experiences that are worth the experience. If you think you are experienced but stupid, please don't play with innocent heart because they might just not be ready for your stupidity.

Enjoy your experiences no matter what but make sure you become an experienced intelligent person. Hah! this journey called Life.

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