Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Contemplating on blogging, it just dawn on me: who am I
I will not pretend to be a master when it comes to knowledge of
myself. Don't be surprise because I am still discovering a
lot about myself but for the following I know:

Sometimes I don't really know what I want in this world but
hey I am human and sometimes do get confuse.

I really like and love women but please don't judge me without knowing exactly what
I mean by that

I judge people a lot but hey I come from a particular culture
and environment whether you like it or not I can only compare with
what I know to be right or wrong.

I am a christian not so much because I was born to be one. I grew up in that environment and over the year my background has influenced be to be blind to others to some extent whether i like it or not.

Talking is a hobby but when someone talks too much, it annoys me a lot. if what you are talking about is objective and interesting, I love it.

I hate it if you don't have the guts to approach me but talk behind my back. Hey I am not a tiger or masquerade so why do that.

I love people who appreciate me for who I am with all my negatives.

I fail to understand some people sometimes but hey try as much as possible to understand me.But if I am not appreciating it don't be worried because sometimes I am very difficulty and not easy to please.

Don't judge me because I am me and You are You. But You never know if you give me the chance in this journey called life, I will admonish and judge you. That is on the flip side.

I will continue this piece but please don't pretend to know yourself because we are all like icebergs and volcanoes. Man know thyself because it is a basic secret to a dream accomplishing life.

To be Continued.....

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Kobby said...

hahahaha. I KNOW U MAN!