Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Right Package

It is interesting how some events unfold in this world in the journey called life. This post is directly in relation to entering into marriage. According to the popular 80:20 rule, One cannot get 100% of what he / she needs in a partner.

The outmost percentage will be 80 and the rest you deal with it in your own special way. This is beacuse you can never get it. I think I have talked about this in a previous post.

What happens when one get the 80% and it is very difficulty to forfiet the 20%. Imagine a lady falling in love with someone shorter than her. She admires and accept the loving man she has fallen in love with beacuse he makes her live in heaven on earth but she cannot just bear the fact that he is short (Vertically challenged).

A man loves a woman with all he's got. But his dream of having a 'coca cola' shaped lady has been dashed. Intrinsically she is 'good' but not on the outside.

What u can do in such circumstances? Make sure what has become your headache is not part of the 80% you need. If you cannot bear it please reconsider it because you are going to spend close to about six (6) decades with such a person. Reflect and decide.

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