Thursday, March 17, 2011

The World As I See It

The world as I see it is a wonderful place to live in. Life with its sharp curves and high ways presents us with enormous possibilities. Some of the experiences that usher in these possibilities are sometimes very pleasant or otherwise.

When sometimes we need somthing the most, it becomes very difficult to get them. The doors are open to us when we in actually have no need of them. The moments we actually need them the gate keepers decide not to be at post.

I think the best we can do is to take advantage whenever we have the oportunity. We leave not to fight another day. If the battle is for us, its better we deal with it inorder to have our peace of mind.

Tomorow may never come. The tomorow we talked about yesterday is today my dear.
Make hey while the sun shines.
To be continued......

1 comment:

Kobby said...

What is it with these gatekeepers, when you need them the most they play vanishing acts on you. Don't worry brav. i get you. lol