Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Arise And Fall

Like the famous Transformers, we rise and fall but with perseverance and determination we always become victorious. I had a bitter experience of a robbery just this last weekend and it was not a sweet experience at all. It got me thinking but after reflecting on it for the past three days, I have come to the realization that life sometimes is like that.

I have an understanding now of why people who have been robbed before have that hatred for armed robbers. It is not an experience one would love to encounter again. My heart do go out to all those who have gone through such bitter experiences but my conclusion is Life must still go on.

The trauma alone is not an easy thing to overcome but the ability to overcome it is a great rise after such a heavy fall. One cannot just forget about such unfortunate experiences but it should not be a reason not to be good or it should not be something that is going to refrain you from being the proactive individual you are. Let it rather influence you to know how best you can achieve the great things in this journey called life with all these obstacles.

Don't let the past hunt you but count on it to grow in the direction your heart desires. You will fall but hey! you shall surely arise. The Akans will say falling and rising for a child will make him/her walk.

Fall but don't remain in your disappointment and Unhappiness. Arise and Fall but make sure you are the last man standing in this journey called life in whatever you desire to do despite the shortfalls.

Enjoy the Rising and Falling in the Journey Called Life. I am hoping to hear your comments any time you visit the blog. I would love to hear from you my dear reader.

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Kobby said...

The potential to imagine oneself as a hero in such circumstances are very high; but, the reality of the issue is that, it takes God's protection for us to come out of such situations. May HE continue to keep us under the shadow of his wings