Thursday, August 12, 2010


We go through life and whether it is by design or mere coincidence, we get a helping hand along the journey called life. It has become so usual that people consider it as a usual phenomenon of life.

Getting a helping hand isn't that usual because there are countless number of persons who were or are in need of such a hand but never had it or are not getting it. Whatever the helping hand that may come your way, let just say Thank You, Merci, Gratia, etc. to whoever offered it.

Lets just recount usual experiences in life like waking up in the morning, the ability to get something to eat or drink, being able to read this on the net, enjoying that royal treat in the hotel or restaurant, the education height you reached etc. We can go on and on and on.

A common thank you to whoever gave you that experience that you think you couldn't have had on your own if not because of a helping hand will not spoil anything. It will rather open avenues of greater experiences that you never dreamed of.

Enjoy all that this beautiful journey called life brings you by appreciating, especially little, the helping hands that life brings and you will see a difference in your life in this wonderful journey.

The Journey is called Life and it is good and wonderful if you appreciate what you have because you are what you are because of a lot of people. What you are is not bad because others consider you so. Think of yourself as an individual with great potentials and capitalize on what others give and upgrade yourself to that individual you would love to be. But appreciate and recognize the assistance you have received over the years.

Try this and see the difference in your life. You will live your life in the fast lane with joy and happiness.

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