Thursday, May 27, 2010

An End ! A New Beginning

life has its own twist and turns. With objectives and goals in mind, we push on to realize them but the realization of the dream is just the beginning of yet another dream.

I am about to finish my first degree in public health but it seems that the dream of completing is just the beginning of another dream.

The question is 'Will We Ever Stop Dreaming'? From my experiences I have come to the realization that man will stop dreaming only when we are in our graves. Even there, there might be another dream worth pursuing.

When man stops to dream, the world makes no meaning to him/her. It is a practice that never ceases and it significance is of immense benefit.

Keep on dreaming man for life is wonderful with that. Make meaning out of every moment of your life with a dream.

Post me with your dream and remember no dream is stupid for it is worth it.

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