Thursday, June 11, 2009

What if life was different from how it is?

This is a question a friend ask when we once found ourselves at the bottom of the food-chain.
What if Obama was not a the President of the United States but Bin Laden? What if Joseph Ratzenger was not the Pope but Melingo? What if the Bill Gates did not come up with Microsoft? What if the Very Rich of the world were realy poor and the very poor otherwise?

The questions can go on and on but one thing remains the truth of life: be comfortable with whatever situation you find yourself only if you find joy and fulfilment in it if not don't hesitate to aspire for the one you think can make the real you stand out and shine.

There is more joy in aspiring for the greater heights you dream for yourself with all pride and confidence and hard work than to accept your situation as it is and be asking "what if" without action. if the "what if" questions lead you to discover the very things that you think can make you abetter person, thats excellent but if it leads you to wishfully think you are somebody without aspiring to be like that somebody or even better, then just don't worry your head.

"It is good that things remain as it is" this is a typical statement for the one who fears change. if Melingo becomes the Pope Priest may marry but is that the only thing he is capable of doing? Will Bin Laden ever hate the very people he is president of?

Let me just leave the searching minds to discover the rest of the .......................................

See you and get in touch with your comments they are indeed welcomed.

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