Tuesday, August 5, 2008

LIFE IS HOW YOU MAKE IT BUT......................

Life has a very uique way of turning out as I have come to believe of late. 'Life is what you make it' is what most people are comfortable with but little do we sometimes come to the relisation that life sometimes do not care how you make it but how it makes it for you. I may sound very unsual but I don't in toto believe with the Idea that life is how you make it.

One can really set things right trying always to achieve something great in life but things don't just work out very well for such a person. You might be saying is this guy talking about 'dsetiny'? hey it got nothing to do with destiny but it just sometimes happen that what one tries to make his life out of does not go the way he put all his energy in to plan and work at.

Consider this young man who was set one defending his Doctoral Thesis on a day that a great Volcano rocks the place he is suppose to execute his duty. It is not a matter of he not preparing well or his examiners not well informed but the fact remains that he can't achieve the fate he planned of achieving just because there is Volcano so it is not so much how you make it sometimes but how it makes it for you.

But does that mean that you just have to sit down waiting for Life to make it for us? We become just like a leaf in a river it takes us to where it wants and we may either like it or not. it up to us to take full control of our lives even in the times that life wants to decide for us.

As the Saying always say it is not going to be easy to accomplish such an Fate but it will be worth it; all the pains and sadness

Get up, Go and Start your journey called Life with the aim of choosing what you want and loving what you choose. And when Life wants to make it for you, don't allow it in all try and make it for yourself because therein lies your Joy and Solace

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Benny said...

hey man i really do agree with you and i think its time for all of us to realize this and not trust so much on destiny. see yeah.......