Friday, August 17, 2012


To Akosua Grace, Dear, The world as I see it, things come and go. People are born and they leave the world amid the excitement and pain New genre of music come and go so are their corresponding dances. The instability of life makes one wonder what we are here for and ultimately, where we are going from here. People come into our lives and leave sometimes without much of an explanation. The world as I see it has no stability. This is because in the state of a perceived stability is an inherent change. At every point in life's journey, there is a reflection of beauty, hope and joy. Some phenomenon and people come into your life in the midst of the coming and going which sometimes makes you wonder whether they will also go. Think not about the possible loss but the joy of the present. Make hay while the sun shines. One step at the time with appreciation, confidence and trust in the present would positively influence the future even if there would be a go. We come and go in this journey called life but out legacy and blue prints we leave for posterity; in the minds and heart of people would we forever remain. Although we are gone, we continue to be. Tell that someone you love just what you thinking of if tomorrow never comes because he/she might go when tomorrow comes. Enjoy every moment of the journey called life. We come and go like the seasons.

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vanessa said...

wow! Dat was indeed a beautiful and inspiring piece there..