Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Events of life over the years and recent occurrences seem to confirm the point of view that everything that happens in the world works for the good. There are countless events in the world from all sectors and facet of life. Some are very significant and others negligible. Some take international stage while others are just events in our homes and personal lives. Some of these events we wish they would last forever for others we wish they never again even pops up in our memories. The issue of events working for the good would have been simple if the events are the ones that make us happy. The sad ones are the ones that in most of the cases cause pain, anxiety and doubts as to whether there is any good in the bad things we experience.
I personally agree to the concept that events do not occur in isolation. To every action there is some form of reaction. The phenomenon of action and reaction however ultimately climax in a good. Before a perfect picture is created, it goes through a process full of confusion and an apparent perceived lack of direction. Like the brush and paint in the artist's hands so sometimes our lives evolve. it goes through much before we get the perfect picture. The overriding point however is that like the artist, please do not loose focus. Get your attention on the goal. In the game of life be a good player and never let the game play you because its all part of the journey called life. In all however remember no matter how bitter life can be, it works for the Good. I wish you the best in the journey called life with all the ups and downs, convictions and uncertainties. It all culminates in a good.

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