Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Married to the Game

We all have our favorite games that we play. These games have their unique ways of capturing our attention to the extent that sometimes it becomes the primus of our existence. For the purpose of this, games have an extension of all the activities that we have a commitment to which gives us that joy and satisfaction not necessarily the money involve.

In a game, wining is paramount and we try very much to ensure wins. This involves training and a level of commitment. To be successful in your game demands going the extra mile above the usual and standing out. With the wins and losses, you need to get married to your game for better for worst.By married to the game I mean being steadfast to that which is the source of your satisfaction, peace and joy.

If you settle on your game, all you have to do is win. It should never be over until you win despite the challenges because that makes your game worth the field.

Get married to your game and make sure you win. That is the secret to a good life and healthy life. This journey? it is called life.

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