Friday, August 12, 2011


We dream to give a sense of direction and meaning to our lives
Life with a dream gives direction and focus
Dreams gives life a sense of achievement and accomplishment
The indication that something is worthwhile or worth the effort
We set goals for ourselves and with much drive and enthusiasm, we aspire to them
It becomes our sense of hope and joy

What happens if your dreams are shattered?
These are moments of great confusion, anxiety and disappointment
At a moment all we can inquire is What went wrong? Why me and at this particular point in time?
No answers come in handy but deep down in the depths of our hearts,
we still dream that all will be well

Most of these moments come when there are is the need for you to realize greater dreams
These dreams might not have ever crossed your mind
but they might be the perfect ones for you
Sometimes what we dream for our lives might not be the one that nature in its own wisdom has designed for us
But there is the need always to dream

In all circumstances that the journey called life presents,
give up not on your will to dream because great accomplishments were people's dreams
Give up not on hope and dreams.
Whatever state you find yourself in remember

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